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Counting Down to Tax Day and Celebrating Missing Links


We’ve entered the home stretch! Tax day is just days away, and for many of our professionals that marks the end of “busy season.” This year, my office (Fort Worth)  came up with a unique way to count down the days until the final returns are filed.

In years past, the Fort Worth office fondly looked to “Kiki,” a six-foot-tall metal rooster, as the “keeper” of our busy season countdown. I brought him in one day and he became the tax season mascot – we would dress him up in super hero costumes and tape feathers on him to be removed one at a time, day by day until we crossed the busy season finish line. Unfortunately, Kiki did not make the move with us to our new office location, so we had to come up with an alternative way to put a fun spin on busy season…

If you had walked into the office in February, you would have seen paper chains draped all over the staff area, each 48 inches in diameter and all different colors. The different colors mark special occasions our staff is looking forward to – such as St. Patrick’s Day or (fitting for Fort Worth) opening day for the Texas Rangers. At the end of each day, a link is removed and safely tucked away in a box. On Tax Day, the staff will celebrate with a “let down party” and bonfire at my house, with – you guessed it – the paper links fueling the fire!  Hopefully we don’t light the whole property on fire…!

Dara Tucker is a Tax Manager in the Fort Worth office and has more than 20 years of public accounting experience in the dealership industry. Since joining DHG in 1996, Dara has worked exclusively with dealership clients.  When she’s not working, she is the biggest cheerleader for her husband and three children in whatever the sport of the season might be.  She also enjoys relaxing on her deck chillin’ with Kiki.