Episode 37: Building Valuable Careers – DHG’s Tools and Resources

Building valuable careers with our people is a top priority…so much so, it’s the first part of our mission statement. Several key areas to career success are coaching, feedback and continual learning. We listened to our professional’s feedback and completed a redesigned DHG University and created a new Performance Enrichment Program (PEP). In this podcast, we’ll highlight some of the unique attributes of these programs and share how they link to our mission of building valuable careers with our people and helping our clients achieve their goals.

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Meet your host

Alice Grey Harrison

Director of Corporate Communications

I have the most fun job at DHG – getting to know our people and sharing their great stories with you! I will be the first to tell you- we have some really fun stuff going on around the firm. Sure- we work hard – REALLY HARD – but Life at DHG is always interesting, rewarding and exciting – just like our people. Grab a latte and enjoy a glimpse into our Life Beyond Numbers!

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